Copywriting Samples

Thought Leadership Series

I worked with the CEO of ImpTrax to develop a weekly blog about how technology can solve some of the world's most pressing issues from inequality to overpopulation.


I wrote this whitepaper about global transaction trends for Hyperwallet.

Creative Campaign

I worked with the product marketing team at Kaseya on this concept where we used humor to highlight the emotions behind their customers' purchasing decisions. I wrote a main asset and then dove deeper into each pain point.

Customer Success Story

I interviewed executives at Nissan and its creative agency on a case study that highlights how Adobe software allows the car maker to move prospects through the sales funnel even before they walk in the dealership.

Use Case Script

I developed this video script for Adobe to help educate its financial services customers on how they could use Adobe Marketing Cloud to target and reach new customers across channels.

Product Teaser Video

Autodesk wanted to educate its customers on its new software packages, so I wrote the script for this mock movie trailer.